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Of course, it really is interesting to know how well they got together to an extent that two of them from the British Cast fell in love and got married in the Champaner village temple set before the entire cast and crew of the movie. It truly reflects the kind of bonding these people had while shooting.He gives more emphasis on the problems they faced while shooting than the joyous moments.With a high level of observation, he covers almost every important episode of this exciting real life story dated accurately.The author says that every one involved in Lagaan will have his or her own story to tell but what he registers here is the combined story of all of them together from a different perspective.

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When 3 IPS officers travel 150 kms to a dryland in Andhra to find the head of the wife of one of the officers (near the climax scene).Similar scene appears in 'Seven.' Anniyan - Concept of MPD and revenge inspired from Sidney Sheldon's novel 'Tell me your dreams' and stunts adapted from 'Matrix' trilogy.