Frum dating ideas

29-Sep-2017 23:43

These include developing a degree of comfort in communicating with the other person, being physically attracted and sensing a degree of personality similarity.When these changes take place the couple begins to develop a sense of fun and passion about the relationship.Here too, this process is neither an immediate, perfectly successive nor a fail-proof one.Several important psychological triggers have to occur.This excitement does not always happen immediately and can take several dates.When it does kick in, and both report it, this is a clear indication that the relationship is set to go to the next level.Many of our young men and women have placed themselves on a pedestal and want to marry someone who can keep them there, even in financially troubling times.The goal then is not a warm, affectionate, supportive relationship but a selfish, egocentric one.

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For some it begins a bit before, and for others a bit later.

It is not a hard and fast rule like those often found in physics, but it does involve biology, chemistry and psychology.

The actual cause of the magic in a relationship is a product of hormones, neurotransmitters or brain chemicals and developmental stages.

These chemicals set the stage for real attraction and are activated by a process wherein the couple perceives a degree of familiarity between one another.

The only way this similarity can be stimulated is by spending time with members of the opposite sex at the correct stage of development.

While there should be magic, it is not of this type.

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