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17-Sep-2017 10:00

The Fixer Upper star shaved his head — and seems to love it.15 Times Scott Disick Was the Best Part of ‘KUWTK’ “Scott is telling friends that he’s in love with her,” the insider says of […] The 2017 CMAs were full of can’t miss moments.

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Kim: I whisper back "OK, but I will have your face between my thighs before this night is over..." and then I turn to you and your throbbing cock... I wish i was there, sliding my throbing dick into your wet pussy) Oohhh yessss... Kim: (How does it feel to have your cock out in front of your guy friends? ) Bob: (I don't even notice them, but they are there...) Bob: I moan, watching you two kiss makes my balls tighten and fill with cum.... Bob: i look up and see my other friends, sitting there watching and rubbing their cocks through their pants as they get the best show they never expected.... I get burning between my legs konwing that you like looking at me kiss Lauren... Bob: i reach around and start to spread your ass cheeks. :-) ) Kim: (do you want our story to continue, or just talk? my hands return to your cock and balls and gently carress them as I continue to make out with Lauren... Kim: Lauren reaches around and starts to fuck my pussy with her cum covered fingers... Kim: The knot on my maids front loosens and unties... lauren rubs it into your tits as welll and sucks her fingers....

its great to see the cum shoot out of his cock and to see the expression on his face.... Larens starts to rub your tits and pinch you nipples.....

I havn't swung that way in a long time, but an ass like that makes me want to switch! Bob: Lauren leans back on the floor, feet rubbing on your body and starts to rub her own clit... Bob: (oh, I'm jerking my cock rightnow thinking about you...

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