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If we make decisions in this direction, the money will come.If we make decisions outside of that, the agency and industry will also collapse.All are wonderful, but I think in essence we have the responsibility to tell great stories, to show how to create solutions in a creative way.Because we encourage people to do the same in their lives.Projects: Marcio Bueno and Luiza Di Bella Attention: Cris Pereira Heal, Tania Müller and Henrique Neto Planning: Marcia Neri, Bruna Rodriguez, Marcelo Facchinatto, Marcio Santos and Marielen Silveira Media: Fabio Freitas, Cris Omura, Catarina Fortes, Rafaela Saghabi and Lucca Barbarisi RTV: Charles Nobili, Ricardo Magozo, Pedro Lazzuri, Mariana Carneiro and Natasha Zaminiani Image Producer: Santa Transmedia Direction: Nylon (Caio Montanari and Boca Ceravolo) Executive Producer: Pedro Ramos Cinematography: Daniel Belinky Art Direction: Jaque Ramieli Image Production Service: Elisa Mello and Luísa Miranda Montage: Lucas Brasileiro “Our quest is to make young professionals excellent,” says FCB’s global CCO Susan Credle is the global chief creative officer at FCB’s 120 offices and has led the agency’s deep changes.Since taking over FCB’s 120 offices as the global chief creative officer almost three years ago, Susan Credle has led the agency’s deep changes.The idea is to make the execution of creative processes more oiled, respecting the peculiarities of the 80 countries where it operates.Aware of the impossibility of omnipresence, the executive brought the publicist Fred Levron (ex-CCA and Ogilvy) as a worldwide creative partner.

You said in an article in the Wall Street Journal that the best agencies in the world are not just service providers. I was always lucky because every agency I ever worked on had that thought.

Generalizing from these observations, we combine the system-model and operator viewpoints to describe the representation of processes in AI programs in terms of three nested levels of domain, inference, and communication modeling.

This synthesis reveals how the use of relational networks in computer programs has evolved from programmer descriptions of computational processes (such as flowcharts and dataflow diagrams) to network representations that are constructed and manipulated by the programs themselves.

The film precedes communication that will present, also in the digital environment, launches of the categories of refrigeration and laundry.

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Credits: Title: HOMEMENAGEM Product: Brastemp Agency: FCB BRASIL Chief Creative Officer: Joanna Monteiro Executive Creative Director: Fabio Simões Art Director: Viviane Araújo, Lucas Succi Editor: André Pallu, Marilu Rodrigues, Lucas Saicali Graphic Production: João Ricardo, Daniela Fonseca and Camila Gaudêncio.

When I say people, place, and purpose, I mean that every time I take on a role, I want to know who I’m going to work with, whether the place is an environment that believes in creativity and whether the purpose is above the financial return.

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