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I’m yours, but not by name.”It was all so familiar in a way that frustrated the shit out of me, that which I knew so well but could not make into words, something just out of reach, like Sam’s untraceable voice, so different but similar enough to something I’d known before that I became consumed by my inability to conjure up the past from the recesses of my mind.I’m still trying to figure out who he sounds like, and shit, part of me might still be in love.

Because of his noble insistence on making his music available for free and attaching his lyrics to the online version of the record, it feels almost as if he’s supplying his listener with all the tools necessary to make his songs about them.It was the most time we’d spent together since we broke up around this time last year.Despite my best intentions, my heart lapsed repeatedly, leaving me totally perplexed and more than a little sad. Despite the fact that I can’t figure it out to save my life, I’m still too bummed to feel stupid.

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It’s the only record I’ve been able to listen to for a week.

The film is a collection of 34 short films, each 3 minutes in length, by 36 acclaimed directors.