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In Holroyd`s view the philosophy and cosmology presented by Tom is "broader than those of any so-called spirit teachings", which makes it "difficult to reconcile with the view that he is a product of one or more of their own (Andrija, John, Phyllis) minds".

Mr Holroyd is seemingly unaware of what I like to call the subconscious feedback effect.

According to legends, the secret order of the nine was founded by the Indian emperor Asoka some 200 years BC. On June 27, 1953 nine people, among them Dr Puharich, were initiated into Brahmanism. Vinod declared: "Tonight we want to create Brahmins in this world...

Several occult authors maintain that the Nine still exist, influencing the world events (3). Each one of you becomes a Brahmin on this full-moon day" (4)director of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, Mr Riley Crabb, regarded the above event as proof that the entities behind the facade of the Nine are actually "initiate Brahmin priests from the astral plan of planet earth! these ghostly figures (are)Mediumistically received "space-messages" are usually a bore to read, and Holroyd´s book fits the pattern.

When Andrija Puharich and the messiah of spoon-bending, Uri Geller, went separate ways, Andrija found another psychic named Phyllis Schlemmer.

She is a good trance subject and Andrija was delighted to find that here was another channel for his cosmic tutors. The main purpose for their contact was to prepare mankind for a landing en masse in the near future.


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People applauded and I left the stage to a smiling friend and roommate. Evelyn sighed, “Let’s go get a drink.” she said and we went downstairs to the main bar. A couple of semi-drunk men came over and sat down by the table next to us. “Hey,” one of them began, “Your fellatio was amazing! I gagged on a microphone.” It probably would have been better if I had just claimed to have done a gangbang with the four guys. What a silly thing to do, really – when comedy gives me a mere £20 a month, when I’m lucky and when I’ve rarely done more than twenty minutes.Evelyn and I exchanged a few words in Swedish and Danish, realised again that we don’t understand each other’s languages and gave up. Investigating several mediums and contactees here in Sweden I have noted that the information relayed is to a large extent a feedback on your own ideas.

Now,the subconscious content of the mind of Andrija Puharich should by all means be quite "broad" and we are not at all to be surprised to find the Nine coming through again, as this reflects the belief-system of Mr Puharich.

Just like the writings of Mrs Swan the Phyllis Schlemmer messages are a fascinating synthesis of apocalyptic visions and philosophical nonsense.