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Her role as Angie Lopez would run until 2007, which was also the year she released her own line of clothes.Dubbed “The Constance Marie Collection”, they were released around the same time as her PETA ad for spaying and neutering pets. A year after, in February, her daughter Luna was born.The real-life Marcella Quintanilla saw all of the actresses auditioning and chose Marie to play herself.Marie later admitted that she had not been familiar with Selena at the time of the audition.By this time, Constance had already begun to garner notice for her combination of dancing skill and exotic Latin looks.

The next year, she was cast as a dancer in the movie Salsa.

Marie had been in a relationship with Luna’s father, yoga instructor Kent Katich for some time by then. The engagement would later fall through, however, but the couple remained together for 6 more years after Luna’s birth.

Marie’s adjustment to the life of a mother saw her taking it fairly easy in 2009, with only 2 TV episodes to her name: one for No matter where her career has brought her, Marie has maintained an interest in dance as well as healthy living.

During that time, she was introduced to Steve Tisch.

He gave Marie her first acting job ever, as a series regular on CBS's short-lived Dirty Dancing (1988) as Penny.

Marie also insisted at the time (as well as years later) that she disagreed with the dissenters, praising Lopez for her performance.

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